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HI! I'm Gabby, and I'll be playing your resident skater-stoner-slut-bitch, Andy! ^^

I think I've got a PB for her, but...yeah. Working on that.

Since she's lived in LA for a while, I'm assuming she knows people. Does anyone wanna set up some sort of storyline with her?

Er...I suppose that's all for now.


Andrea is a complicated person. She's generally quiet, although a lot nicer to the guys. However, there are only a few people that are near and dear to her. When she definately doesn't like someone, and they don't like her either, she's a bitch. She's very spoiled. She hates being the center of attention. Andrea goes by the nicknames Andy and Rea (which she pronoucnes 'ray'.) When she's upset, she usually stays in a bad mood for a while, and sometimes drinks herself into a stupor. She's a huge drama queen. She's into punk rock, concerts, and partying. Andy likes to break rules. This could be taken as 'stupid', but the girl loves to push the limits. She's been known to get high, or stoned. She's into mini skirts, rocking out, being bad, and skateboarding, when she's skipping class. She's sometimes a slut. She hangs out with stoners, and many of the popular people dislike her.

How long has your character lived in Los Angeles/gone to Westlake?: Lived in LA since the age of ten.

Is your character rich? on scholarship?: Her family is rich.

Family history (siblings, what parents do, are parents together, etc.): Andy has a big sister, Katherine, who's turned out a whole lot worse than she is. Katherine's a bad influence on her little sister. They live with their father, Christopher Witt, who spoils them rotten, and has on idea what's going on in his daughter's lives. Their mother lives in Italy, and although their parents aren't divorced, they probably ought to be.

Oh! And she's a senior, w00t!

Tcch. I keep forgetting things! I also needed to add that I don't have any instant messengers, but I'm online a lot, so I'll usually be able to reply to stuff pretty soon. I live on the east coast, so I guess we could say...pretty much until midnight-ish, EST, and 10 o'clock Mondays-Thursdays.
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