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Ok for anyone who saw the entry I wrote in the OOC journal yesterday...apologies. Especially to Caitlin because I think she was the only one that saw it....anyway Cait I'm sorry! And you can quit if you want and I'll totally hard feelings. Also I know there has been some OOC drama in this community and I know a lot of us are members of the NYC ones but please do not bring that drama to that community as Tay said in her post in that ooc journal.

Ok I'm determined to restore this community. So if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this community or if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!'s the glorious weekend! YAY! And to celebrate does anyone want to thread? Because my friends ALL have to go to this damn school dinner it's for sports and I'm not in a sport...

Also I think I'm going to have school start next week! Yay! October....anyway whatever. So this is your last chance to sign up for clubs and stuff if you want to please go to wstlke_school.

I love you all,

PS. Please go online tonight because I need to talk to you about some stuff. Can you guys be on??
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